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We use a five-step project management cycle to inform clients of project progression by providing status reports. We ensure sustained success of all work completed by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1
Information Gathering/Risk Assessment
First and most important, we meet with their client(s) for an initial consultation to carefully gather requirements for the project. We will also discuss the risk factors of this project to provide you with the best options moving forward.

Step 2
Requirements documentation
Requirements are documented and sent to the client to ensure that defined objectives are met. Once finalized, the requirements serve as a blueprint for project development.

Step 3
Clients are encouraged to actively participate and communicate with us at during development stage of the website. Throughout its development, milestones are demonstrated on a timeline schedule and communicated back to our clients. In scope feedback is incorporated into the project it is developed.

Step 4
Quality Assurance (QA) Testing and User Acceptance
Thorough testing is conducted to ensure a bug free software/product. Issues are logged, addressed and implemented prior to site launch. User acceptance takes place once QA is complete. Client Involvement is essential during this step of the process.

Step 5
Once production is complete and the client’s expectation is fully satisfied, we launch the product. Monitoring for stability and live production testing is essential to ensure that the project correctly in production. Recommendations for future enhancements and maintenance will be determined at the end of this step.

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